Take the chauvinism test and see where you stand between patriotism and chauvinism. It’s simple and painless, devised and performed by God’s Entertainment. This anarchist theatre collective from Vienna have toured international festivals with their confrontational brand of political performance. In Amsterdam they will pitch their tent at Leidseplein, next to the Stadsschouwburg, when Die Stunde da wir nichts voneinander wußten is playing. Before the performance, you can visit the tent and test your chauvinism. Who knows, you might be a patriot or a xenophobe without even realising it! The Chauvinism Scanner will reveal all.

Have you always wanted to know how much of a chauvinist you really are? Do you think you might suffer from a touch of xenophobia? Viennese performance collective God's Entertainment have just the ticket for you! On the festival's opening night they will pitch their Chauvinism Scanner tent right in the middle of Leidseplein.

Inside, they examine passers-by and test how great their prejudice against foreigners really is. Although the proponents of extreme patriotism and the 'own people first' ideology tend to advocate the sanctity of 'Blood and Soil', there will be no blood drawn. Rather, the people from God's Entertainment use a number of electronic devices such as the Foreigner Scanner and the Personal Indicator which allow them to detect even the slightest trace of nationalism. Various clichés will be presented and examined for their accuracy, resulting in a personal chauvinism score. Chauvinism Scanner serves as a trick mirror, providing the audience with an insight into their own deep-seated, irrational fears and prejudices against foreigners.

Chauvinism Scanner premiered in 2015 at Munich’s Spielart Festival. It was also performed in Rijeka in Croatia, where the collective adapted their performance to the former Yugoslavian history of extreme nationalism and bloody civil war. At the Holland Festival, the performance will be set in a Dutch context. The performance will be God's Entertainment's first ever appearance at the festival.

Supported by MA7 VIENNA
04 - 06. JUNE 2016. | 3 - 8 PM | Leidseplein Amsterdam
08 OCTOBER 2016 | 11_00 - 17:00 | Platia Aristotelous THessaloniki 


10 April 2018