Die Aktion stellt die aktuelle Verfasstheit der politischen und kulturellen Identität Österreichs zur Disposition. Ist es bei Sierra und Galindo noch der Unmut über die vergangenen Jahrzehnte politischer Prägung, artikuliert Super Nase & Co das Unbehagen im Hinblick auf  die kommenden Jahre, die von einer identitären, chauvinistischen und neoliberalen Politik bestimmt sein werden.

THIS IS NOT SANTIAGO SIERRA? | 6.12.2017 | 14.00 Uhr | Startpunkt: Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Platz - 1010 Wien. Der Konvoi fährt eine Runde um die Ringstraße und passiert dabei die repräsentativsten Orte für Politik und Kunst in Österreich: Staatsoper, Hofburg, Parlament, Rathaus, Burgtheater, Universität.


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The performance and artistic installation Under The Carpet exposes the coverup of different facts pertaining to the political, cultural, social, and media landscape within and outside of any one of european contries, facts that should be of concern to society, all in accordance with the phrase: to sweep (something) under the rugWe are witnesses to societal changes and corruption in favour of the strong, to the isolation and discrimination of minorities, to historical revisionism and the hatred towards those perceived as “others” or “different”. In other words, we are witnesses to the increase in morally disoriented events in Europe. However, so as not to endanger the sovereignty of our nation with our testimonies or, like Saint Peter, fail our fatherland, we sweep everything under the rug knowing that our immune system is guarding us since we luckily have the proper “blood cells”. We are also witnesses to the fact that the European people seemingly do not hate those who commit evil, nor the evil itself, as much as those who expose the evil. Those of us who expose it in one way or the other open up space for discussions, connect radical topics with radical visuality, not claiming to have solutions regarding contemporary European fascism nor hiding behind anonymous or private comments tainted with hatred on social networks, instead raising the rug and exposing what others are reluctant to do | mehr

Die The Exhibition | Installation UNDER THE CARPET was already part of the Zoom Festival in Rijeka and Spielart Festival in Munich.