workshop by GE 

God's Entertainment (GE) a creative collective from Vienna, inspires their participants to enrich the picturesque scenery of the Kronhaus (a well-known relaxing place for day trippers) into an exiting new resort. "Bauslum City" houses innovative buildings, sexy Bauhaus postcards, DJ performance, and fashion walks make this self-made city along the Elbe river the perfect place for the summer school's goodbye party! |Bauhaus city – Get on site! International Summerschool 2009|

The Bauslum City includes four buildings of four families, BohumelKirovskayaSchwambach and Gogu. Together they create the Halfstar Hotel that extends the leisure function of Kornhaus. 
The Reception, Bar with Riverside, Memory House and Sports Center reflect the Bauhaus thought of maximal comfort for minimal costs. We adapted Bauhaus idea of using materials from contemporary production processes in industry. 
Using garbage we become a part of recycling process and we contribute to sustainable way of living. The garbage itself is an aesthetical ispiration. Constructing the Bauslum is a way of using Bauhaus style, typical Bauhaus elements like horizontal and vertical windows, colours, flat roof and technical details. 
The working process was organized in Classes: wood, steel, colour and textile, which are represented in each of our houses.

Ladies and Gentlelmen, Good Afternoon!
A warm welcome to the Bauslum City, a visionary city based on the minimum existence of the Bauhaus style merged with the lifely social envirolment of the slum.
From now on, I invite you to dive through the utopy and with your imagination see differents concepts provided by the Bauslum city noticible on the architecture and social activities of each house.
Taking advantage of the wood as a contructive element, this house has an avangard desing creating appropriate spaces for different functions. For this moment, we will visit the family ....... with reception showing the best option to enjoy the city.
From the wood to the steel, a revolutionary material, used by Walter Groupius, the family Gogu brings you the new concept for facades: "less is more" where the linear windows compose a sophisticate architecture and allows natural light and ventilation. Inside register and memories make us reflect about the everyday life, showing though the jorney the wizard of the results.
Leisure and entertainment takes you out of the routine and stimulate creativity, essential for a better development of the community. Playing with colours and textiles the family Bohumel offer you moments of pure enthusiasm. So, join them and have fun!
Continous the good energy of this envirolment, we offer you to relax and have some drinked at the SchwamBAR, where the family Schwambach, inspired on the Master House brings you the pureless of the white facede balaced with Kandinski addiction: the explosion of colours inside. It's possible to enjoy the landscape on the floating bar or on the garden appropriating the open space.

Thank You! 

In Coprodution with Foundation/University Bauhaus Dessau 

God's Entertainment - haed of workshop-group of 15 international students - developed and carried out together with students the concept of Slumhaus-Bauslum City along the Elbe, around of Kornhaus in Dessau |created by Walter Gropius| - Trailer here



20 July 2009